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Military Overhaul Ideas

Postby Phenoix12 » Fri Mar 09, 2018 5:23 pm

The following is a group of related ideas to make the of Hazeron military actually more effective then a wet paper bag. In attack or defense.

For those that don't want to read though the entire thing in detail he's it in short...

> Make soldiers squad based instead of individual units.
> Give players the ability to designate the equipment and training soldiers will use.
> Improve cities ability to defend themselves
> An RTS-esque top-down command mode to let players more easily command armies. (This can be accomplished via a new military command station / console on ships or in cities.)

Part 1: Squads
Right now the way military works is that you have a loose collection of troops that are a bit of a hassle to control. The first major suggestion to give to fix up the military of Hazeron is the introduction of squads.

Troop Squads
Individually controllable groups of units made up of a maximum of six troops. (The maximum of six was chosen to give each squad a decent number without going overboard) These soldiers move and act as a cohesive unit so instead of ordering each individual trooper you order the entire squad at once.

Vehicle Squads
Like troop squads except with a maximum of 3 ground, sea, or amphibious (if we get the ability to make those) vehicles.

Air vehicles are different as they are directly tied to cities or ships which act as their base of operations where they are launched from and return to.

Squad Leaders
In a way to limit the number of squads one empire can deploy, and to prevent spamming and overloading the servers, squads require a 'Squad Leder' to form. A Squad Leader is a kind of officer and is trained in the same way as normal ship officers. (The way officers are trained and how you increase your limit itself probably needs an overhaul but that's a topic for another day) Squad Leaders and Ship Officers are two different things and have different slot pools so training a Squad Leader doesn't take away an officer slot of a Ship Officer.

If a squad leader is killed the following could be something that happens.... (there are of course other possibilities but I'm just listing this one here as one option) The squad breaks, getting a negative to their ability to hit targets and are unable to be given orders. After a set amount of time the squad will reform with a random member of the squad being a new squad leader though at reduced effectiveness until the entire unit is either killed outright or returns to a friendly city/station where they can replace the dead troops and/or squad leader.

Player Characters
A player's avatar itself can form a squad around them and thus act as a squad leader. Player controlled troops can be ordered individually like they currently can. Players can select individual troops, as either parts of squads, troopers attached to ships or cities, and order them to join their squad. A player cannot order a squad leader to join their squad but can order them to follow thus making the entire squad follow them as a sort of very simple way of commanding them. More advance ways of commanding squads will be explained in part 4.

Part 2: Training and Equipment
Your troops as of now just spawn in with whatever random equipment they happen to grab up. The following sections are my suggested changes to how the training and equipping of troops could work.

Troop Types
Instead of just havening a generic 'troop' that just pop out whenever the control over the exact kind of troop should be handed over to the player. (In this case the leader of the empire or whoever has the proper permissions.)

In the proper menus a player can set up a troop-type. Choosing their equipment, level of training, special training (if applicable), the name of the troop-type, and if this kind of troop is allowed to be hired out (by other empires or players).

Under troop types there are two tabs. Troops and Officers. Under troops are well troops. Under the officers tab are your squad leader types, your base Navel-Officer's load-out. And your ship crew load-out.

All empires start out with a few 'default' things that can be changed but not deleted fully from the list of troops the empire has access to.

These are the 'Trooper.' A basically trained troops set to grab any weapon and armor they are able to use. Basically what we have now.

Under the officers tab there are some more. The Ship-Officer and Ship-Crew, so that players may change the level of training and what weapons and armor their ship born officers will make use of. And a basic Squad leader.

In these menus the user has the ability to create new types of troops.

All created kinds of troops are available in every city. So a troop-type designed and published to the empires list of all troop-types can be trained at any facility throughout the empire without having to re-create them over and over again.

Quality Level
All troops have a Quality Level. This Quality Level affects what equipment a single troop-type can be equipped with, their effectiveness in combat (i.e. the odds of them actually hitting stuff per shot), and what special skills they can have.

When creating/editing a troop type you must set their Quality level. 1 to 255. Quality Level is static and doesn't change after the troop is created.

Troops are trained individually and not as squads and stored in the city like a commodity until they are required.

Troops should be trained at a specific building. Possibly one of the new military buildings, such as the HQ or the barracks and the maximum QL a troop depends on the QL of the buildling.

Training time, especially for higher quality troops, should take a while. For an example of a possible time frame for training. With a Max Quality Training facility the time of training per QL of troop could be set to 1-min. Meaning to train a Q255 solider/officer/squad-leader it would take 4-hours and 15-minutes. A Q1 the building would take tripple that time to train a Q255.

(These times are a low-ball suggestion. Personally I think the time per-QL should be increased or on a exponentially growing scale to make those Q255 soldiers a real investment for your empire while making fielding an army of Q1 cannon fodder easy. Since fielding an army of basically super Rambos with the best equipment that the empire can provide should take a hell of a long time to train properly compared to just handing a civi off the street a rifle and ordering them to charge the 50-foot space monster)

Soldier Production
The actual way to set the city to train troops can be broken down into a few types, each one assignable to specific troop-types.

As Needed: Sets the city to only train soldiers when they are needed. I.E. When the city has empty guard posts or a ship/squad/player has need of this type of soldier.

Don't Train: The city will not attempt to train this kind of troop at all.

Percentage of Max: Sets the city to train up and maintain a number of the type of troop equal to a percentage of the maximum number of troops the city can hold in reserve.

Exact Number: The city will train this troop-type until the city has exactly the assigned number of that kind of troop. This number cannot exceed the maximum amount of troops the city can hold in reserve.

When designing a soldier you can choose what equipment they'll equip. Either specifically or a generic type. When selecting specific equipment only the equipment available in the inventory of the city and player will be shown.

Soldiers have various slots for equipment. Less slots then a player for simplicity's sake.

Hands: For primary weapons. If a weapon is a two handed then it takes up both slots.

Off-Hand: For additional weapons or maybe even ballistic shields if we can get those in game.

Head: For hats/helms

Body: For clothing/armor

Back: For back mounted equipment. See 'backpacks' below.

Waste/Belt (two slots): For secondary weapon or additional equipment such as ammo or gernades.

The quality level of the soldier effects what equipment they can use. Certain equipment requires special training that have minimum quality requirements. See “Additional Training” for more.

A Small sub idea to add in a 'backpack' type equipment. These can be equipped to soldiers to give more storage capacity for ammo when in the field or to allow them to use special abilites with the right training. Such as a “medic's pack” which allows the soldier to act as a medic when it's equipped and the proper training is given to them or a personal shield device which trades off the extra storage of a backpack to give the trooper a portable shield bubble. Also of course jetpacks.

Additional Training / Ability
When designing a soldier you there should be some extra stuff you can select for train them into. Thus increasing the price and time to train but allowing them to have access to certain abilities.

Some examples are Power Armor Training (for the use of power armor), Medical Training (to allow the solider to use field medic equipment), and Engineering (which would allow soldiers to make use of city/ship weapon systems and such).

Forming Squads
As said above troops are stored individually in the city. To form them into squads you must create a 'squad-type.' A squad doesn't have to be made up of all of the same troops types (unless it's a vehicle squad then they must be either all land or all sea). Of the five available slots of a normal soldier squad (with the 6th slot going to the squad-leader) you can set any kind of solider to them.

As an example you can create a 'Riflemen Squad' that has four riflemen, a medic, and a Squad-Leader.
Or you can have a sniper squad made up of 2 highly trained snipers and a leader with the other 3 slots left empty.

After you create you squad type all you have to do now is tell the Military Training Facility to create the squad which will gather up all the required units and train the Squad Leader. (This makes creating a squad take time also as this is the point where a squad leader is actually created and trained.)

Squads are then stored in the city until they are called out. To call out a squad you must be in the Training facility or on a ship and within the chain of command. Calling a squad while on a ship will prompt them to attempt to board the ship. Make sure you have enough births available for them or else it will fail.

Part 3: City and Ship Garrisons
For the sake of simplicity. All soldiers attached to a city/ship are considered to be a single squad with the city/ship being the 'squad leader'

Troops linked to a city/ship can only be commanded by someone in the proper chain of command of the city/ship.

Troops-types designated as city/ship guard will by default fill the rolls within their respective area. City guards garrisoning at guard posts in cities while ship guards filling soldier rolls on board your ships.

Cities will automatically take the required troops types from the pool of available troops to man guard posts and other military buildings. So one would have to make sure there is a proper pool of guards, engineers (unless you chosen to give your basic guard the extra training so you don't have to have a separate troop type just for guys to man turrets and shield units) and pilots.

If a city is under attack any troop in reserve storage will spawn in one by one at the barracks and take up arms to defend the city. Including launching aircraft and vehicles if available with trained crews.

If any squad is stationed in a city not being used they will also spawn in and fight.

Part 4: Command
Right now commanding troops... especially large groups is a hassle. Perhaps a new way to command troops could be implemented. Say... something like an RTS?

A new ship/building station that allows someone with the proper command permissions to take control of local troops of either the planet the building is on and/or ship is in orbit of with a sort of top down view. Only squads would be able to be commanded in this way, city defenders and such will continue to operate automatically.

For players commanding squads a special mode for easy command on the ground should also be put in. Sort of like the top-down view to see the location of minerals but instead shows those troops in your squad to allow you to command them.
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Re: Military Overhaul Ideas

Postby Qeux » Wed Apr 18, 2018 11:44 am

I love this idea. Especially commanding ground troops from a starship console.
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