Police Station Rework?

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Police Station Rework?

Postby Vectorus » Sat May 12, 2018 5:27 am

Buildings can now be very big, 500 metres on a side. Police stations have a small jurisdiction.

I can easily imagine a situation where a quarter to half of your buildings would have to be police stations, in order to keep your city together. If world limits are introduced, that may be unwanted.

Possible changes: 1) Scale jurisdiction area with design volume, allowing you finer control over what you want within that radius. Perhaps a massive building claims most of the planet, satisfying Anr's preferred playstyle.

2) Number of buildings which can belong to a police station is determined by offices. Instead of a radius, you just use the building tab to assign a building to a police station. The station eventually runs out of registration slots.

Both methods would allow you close control over what belongs to each city, which may become important if ships can be ordered to deal with individual settlements in the future, or if things like export embargoes are introduced etc.
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