2018-05-10 Memory Leaks

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2018-05-10 Memory Leaks

Postby Haxus » Thu May 10, 2018 5:15 pm

Memory Leaks
A few servers are using a lot of memory.

This was a grind, the main reason I have not been on line for a few days.
  • Improved the memory probe to account for more objects allocated by the servers. I overlooked a few.
  • Searched all code for memory leaks.
  • Developed tools to assist in finding memory leaks.
  • Success, a few memory leaks were found and fixed.
Fwiw, it only takes one persistent memory leak to consume and lose all of the memory in the computer, over time. Once lost, that memory is no longer available to the process, or any other processes, until the leaking process is terminated.
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