2018-05-01 Server Crash and Lockup, Galaxy Render

Details about updates to Shores of Hazeron

2018-05-01 Server Crash and Lockup, Galaxy Render

Postby Haxus » Tue May 01, 2018 10:41 am

Server Lockup
Servers have locked up recently after consuming all the memory in the box.

Eliminated a cache that may have been growing out of control, using more memory than it was worth. Due to other recent changes, that cache was no longer needed anyway.

Server Crash
Servers have crashed in the past few days due to a building design that had trees on its site. The trees were set to select their type randomly from the host world. The building was placed on a world with no tree resources.

Fixed. That case now returns a log tree, instead of crashing.

Galaxy Render
When you get outside the galaxy, it does not appear in the sky box, or it appears with large areas missing.

Worked over the galaxy render code and associated shaders. My test cases for viewing the result were the Hazeron system, which is inside the galaxy, the Solitude system, which is 4500 sectors outside the galaxy in the galactic plane, and the Not Solitude system, which is 500 sectors perpendicular to the galactic plane.

The only bit of this that I am not super happy about is the brightness of the galaxy when you look toward the core from Hazeron. It is much brighter than the Milky Way. It doesn't look horrible though, just different than it used to.

I was quite pleased with the improvements to the star field. Due to some sizing and intensity changes, it has a greater feeling of depth when you are in or near the galaxy. The little + shaped near stars transition to farther stars better; they don't stand out quite so much as being different from the star field.
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Re: 2018-05-01 Server Crash and Lockup, Galaxy Render

Postby Onepercent » Wed May 02, 2018 12:30 am

If you add a bit of dust in the galaxy in that render, it might make the central bulge look a bit more subtle, and more diverse color other than blue.
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