2018-04-28 Broker, Fuel Rods, Parks, Production Q

Details about updates to Shores of Hazeron

2018-04-28 Broker, Fuel Rods, Parks, Production Q

Postby Haxus » Sat Apr 28, 2018 7:22 am

Broker Shipments
Broker shipments to new style cities are sent but they never arrive.


Designs Unloaded
A player finalized a lot of designs then left the studio to publish them. They were gone.

Fixed the code that unloads designs that are not currently in use so that it does not unload an architect's designs while they are in the designer. This means you should (and likely must) publish designs while you are still in the designer.

If you find yourself in this situation, go back into a designer instance. This causes your designs to be loaded. They will then be available for publishing.

Free Fuel Rods Patents
Patents to make nuclear fuel rods are free to develop. No money is required.


Park is a Sea Surface Structure
Parks cannot be built because the building code says they are sea surface structures, like an oil drilling rig.


Nuclear Fuel Plants Broken
Nuclear fuel plants do not work because the building code does not permit any storage space in the design. Also, why is a home required?

Fixed. Storage space is now required and that home is not required.

Spacecraft Recovery Time
Spacecraft recovery time max of 1 hour is too short.

Spacecraft recovery time is now calculated as 1 hour per day the ship took to manufacture. Minimum recovery time is 10 seconds.

Ocean Depth on World Map
A request was made to show ocean depth on the world map.

The MSL altitude of the terrain under the crosshair is now shown.

Lens Patent Production
Lenses are produced at munition factories but the patents are developed at the weapon smith.

Fixed. Lens patents are now developed at munition factories. Lens patents currently being developed at weapon smiths should continue normally until the process is changed.

Citizens Unloaded and Lost
Citizens are lost when unloaded in a city with very large buildings.

Fixed some cases where the 64k limit on buildings was not applied properly.

Production Quality
If you build a mine, it starts out as q1 until it fetches any tech disks. It will continue to produce q1 stone even if the building quality is 200 unless you delete the process, and add it again.


Head Inscription
When a creature loses its head, the inscription now includes the name and id of the killer, if it can be determined.

Foraging While Placing Buildings
While placing buildings, sometimes you forage stuff.

Fixed. Foraging is disabled while placing a building.
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