2018-04-05 Spacecraft Factory, Vehicle Factory

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Postby jakbruce2012 » Fri Apr 06, 2018 1:41 pm

Vectorus wrote:I meant to add that an obvious improvement would be abolishing processes, which are linked to x10 output, in favour of a percentage or point based production model. So you could tell your 1000 process farm to put out 50% vegetables and 50% fruit and you would get 5000 of each, every 10 seconds. I presume that takes fewer computation steps.

You could even collate the overall volume of each industry for cities with a capitol, and control it from there as a single bloc. Then when you go to the building itself, the manufacture screen just says "planned economy in progress, back away citizen"; so the divided volume doesn't actually need to be distributed to real buildings. You could click "cancel resource pooling" at the building to take it out of the loop, and the citywide calculation would adjust accordingly. You're not really losing any granularity, but it offers a chance for optimization.

Processes really belong to the world of building levels, not to volume-based calculations. But you're probably thinking of something similar anyway.

This please. Seriously... this! I've not seen a better suggestion on how to eliminate extra processes ever.
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