2018-03-29 Door Animation

Details about updates to Shores of Hazeron

2018-03-29 Door Animation

Postby Haxus » Thu Mar 29, 2018 7:26 am

Door Animation
Door animations in new ships and buildings did not work for various reasons. Now they do. Landing gear animations should also work but that is untested.

Transfer Items
The cargo transfer UI now has buttons to transfer items to or from another ship. Options are limited. You can transfer all items, all loose items, or all static displayed items. Their position relative to their ship does not change; only the ship changes.

This is intended to help transfer stuff when you make upgrades to a ship design, which I often find myself doing. Moving 200+ static displayed items each time is a pain.

No validity checking is done on the destination of the items. If this function is used to transfer items to a completely different design, they will likely be moved to inaccessible places.

Control Station Body Restrictions
Some control stations are supposed to restrict the motion of the occupant. That now works. When a creature occupies a station that requires a stationary pose, their body will not turn from the station position. Their head turns instead.

Gravel in Designer
My ship was traveling somewhere. I entered the design studio aboard my ship. The designer environment contained moving gravel rocks and nebula, corresponding to the movement of the ship. That is fixed.

No Designer Toolbar
Starting the game while inside a design studio instance results in no designer toolbar. This also happens when I enter a design studio aboard my ship, no toolbar. That is fixed.

On Screen Options
Buttons now appear on the screen, depending on your sighted target and other conditions. These handy buttons can do things that were previously difficult, unobvious, or dependent on a hot key. In some cases the hot key was the only way to do it. Here are a few examples:
  • Pick fruit without getting a seed too.
  • Pick seeds when you want them.
  • Forage targeted commodities and items.
  • Lock/unlock doors.
  • Open/close doors.
  • Operate turbo lifts.
  • Switch nav HUD items on/off on the bridge.
  • Switch control console screens while at a command station.
  • Control room lighting.
  • Use, Reload, Drop, Throw, or Place (static display) your current item.
  • In vehicle, select Weapon, Remote Door switch, Deassign, request Launch or Landing.
Designer ?=Help
Designer commands offer a ?=Help option at every prompt. It displays the helpful information about the command that appeared when the command was first run. It is immune to the help tip's setting to never appear again, and the setting to not show tips at all.

Doors Close Too Fast
Automatic doors became very responsive after some recent changes. They were a little too eager to close, usually within a second of opening. Now they will remain open for at least 5 seconds before automatically closing.

Drawing File Load Failure
Richeldis sent a .SoH file that would load fine in the off line designer but not in the on line designer. Fixed an error in the size limit calculation. Increased the size limit for buildings.

Finalize Wait Cursor
A wait cursor is now displayed while finalizing a design.
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Re: 2018-03-29 Door Animation

Postby jakbruce2012 » Thu Mar 29, 2018 7:38 am

One thing to check on, I recently noticed that normal doors are treated as automatic doors for auto close, but not for auto open. This occurs even if no crew is present, so it does not seem to be AI closing doors. The only doors that seem to stay open at all times when set open are lift doors, and hull doors.
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Re: 2018-03-29 Door Animation, Texture Vertex Lockup

Postby Haxus » Thu Mar 29, 2018 1:21 pm


Big Data Fail Message
Some things fail when the design data is too large, such as loading a .SoH file that is too large for the server, or attempting to preview a design that is too large. Rather than leave the player wondering what happened, all of those cases now report an error message.

Vehicle Power Button
An Engine button now appears at the top of the on screen buttons when you are in a vehicle with an engine. The button turns the engine on or off.

Eat Food
The Eat Food button no longer appears until your hunger level is at 10%, which is the same point at which the auto eat option causes your avatar to automatically eat a meal.

No Visor
Removed the word Visor from the Open/Close button for your helmet, to keep the button sizes short.

Server Crash
Fixed a bug that caused multiple servers to crash this morning.

Texture Vertex Lockup
Fixed a bug that caused the client program to lockup when you tried to drag a vertex in the texture wrapper. This critical problem/fix triggered the second client update today. Those other things could have waited.
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