2018-03-16 Designer, Small Craft, Mother Ship, Turbo Lift

Details about updates to Shores of Hazeron

2018-03-16 Designer, Small Craft, Mother Ship, Turbo Lift

Postby Haxus » Fri Mar 16, 2018 1:54 pm

Designer Preview Crashes Server
Design preview when using the on line designer causes the server to crash or lock. Fixed.

Designer Preview FTL Operation
FTL drive did not function on spacecraft in designer preview. Fixed FTL drive and a few other systems that were not functioning in the designer preview.

You will not see the surface effect that appears on the hull during real in-game FTL operation. That effect is applied as part of the finalizing process, which is too much work to do before each preview.

Designer Eye Clip Distance
Someone noticed that the near clip distance, from the eye to the clip plane, is not the same in the designer as it is in the game universe. It can be noticed by how closely you can walk along a wall before clipping through in the periphery of your vision. The eye clip distance in the designer is now the same as the game universe, when in preview mode.

The eye clip distance is smaller in the design environment to allow you to get close to small objects without clipping through them. It is also smaller in the game universe when you are in a prone position, to enable you to get your eye close to small things on the ground and not clip the floor too badly.

A tiny eye clip distance cannot be used in the game universe due to the resulting polygon collisions on distant objects. A taste of this can be observed by lying prone aboard a spacecraft while approaching an orbital position over a ringworld arc section, from a position near the sun.

Designer Warp and Gravel Effects
Warp tunnel and gravel effects do not appear when operating the spacecraft in the designer preview. Fixed.

Agent Summon Ship
Agent could not summon a spacecraft to their location unless it had an avatar aboard. Fixed.

Agent See Paths
Agents cannot see AI paths in new ship and building designs. Fixed.

Jig Cut Infinite Loop
A jig cut caused a server to go into an infinite loop and lock. That is fixed.

Small Craft
To accommodate the use of small spacecraft, an engineer station is not required on any spacecraft whose combined maneuver drives and power plant do not exceed 100 cubic meters. The engines on a small craft will operate smoothly without any need to adjust wandering performance values with an engineer station.

This makes a small craft practical with only a pilot station.

No Engineer Warning
Design analysis now gives a warning if there is no engineer station, when the combined volume of maneuver drives and power plant exceeds 100 cubic meters. It is only a warning and does not break the design.

Suffocation in Turbo Lift
When using a turbo lift, sometimes I am hit with 5 or 10 points of suffocation damage. I think that is fixed. More testing is needed.

Mother Ship Reticle
When operating a vehicle that is associated with a spacecraft, such as a space fighter, a reticle is now painted on the mother ship to distinguish it from other ships, and to help find it.

A vehicle becomes associated with a spacecraft if it is fetched when the ship autoloads vehicles, if it is placed aboard in the arena, or if it is autoparked in a parking spot aboard a spacecraft.

Preon Coordinate
Preons harvested from core black hole systems do not seem to have a coordinate associated with them. Fixed. Coordinate 0,0,0 was not being shown in the item description, previously considered invalid.

Construction Window Close
Closing the new style construction window does not return to the hand cursor. Fixed.

Burning Body
Avatar was destroyed by fire and awakened in their berth still burning. Fire, acid and paralysis conditions are now removed from your body when you recall home.

Lavrenti Dropped Two Heads
I shot my demi avatar Lavrenti Kutuzov. He dropped two heads. He only had one. Fixed.

Land at Coordinates
A ship was ordered to land at coordinates. AI pilot competently landed the ship and shut it down. Officer would not declare the mission order complete. Fixed (maybe).
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Re: 2018-03-16 Designer, Small Craft, Mother Ship, Turbo Lif

Postby jakbruce2012 » Fri Mar 16, 2018 1:57 pm

Squish Squash. Yay more bugs gone
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