2018-03-02 Broker, View Aspect, 7500 Spacecraft

Details about updates to Shores of Hazeron

2018-03-02 Broker, View Aspect, 7500 Spacecraft

Postby Haxus » Fri Mar 02, 2018 11:21 am

Broker Can't Buy
Broker could not buy cargo from a ship sitting next to it on a road slab. Broker said ship wasn't on a road slab.
  • Fixed proximity test at new broker when ship is properly parked at an airport or other site.
  • Changed broker responses to tell ship correctly where to park. New brokers don't care about road slabs. They just need to determine that you are in town.
Military Base Community
Many functions that determine community of buildings were improperly using a test to verify ground connectivity on military buildings. Military buildings do not have to be connected by ground. The entire world is their domain so all military buildings are part of the same base, regardless of proximity to roads.

Unload Passengers at Air Base
Passengers can now be unloaded at air bases. They are placed in empty residences of barracks. There they become troops, to man the various military buildings. Barracks also get population from cities and the world, if it is habitable and has indigenous people. Some of those troops graduate to the space marine barracks or star fleet academy, where they can be loaded by fleet spacecraft as troops or crew.

Avatars On Line
The avatars on line window now highlights new arrivals for a short time.

View Aspect
Several people reported that the scene gets squashed when the view aspect is more that 2:1 width:height. That is fixed.

7,500 Spacecraft
A spacecraft factory built an armada of 7,500 spacecraft all in the same spot, 250 of them since I went to bed last night. This induced a lot of lag and caused other problems. The glob of spacecraft was removed. The bug was fixed that enabled it to happen.
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