2017-12-07 Bug Fixes

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Postby Ikkir Isth » Fri Dec 08, 2017 8:20 am

Spent most of the night watching vids while building up a new style cit... er, collection of buildings. Without roads. /cry

Notable things:
1: its pretty easy to screw things up with building designs and make something that takes too much material for what it does. Also, if you mess up with your city planning you end up having to build everything yourself too... and with 1 quarry slot that takes awhile (I had some trial and error figuring out building models - made a Generic Mine with 6 slots for ore mining and a cheap logging camp with 4 slots for lumber, eventually)
2: If you put too many buildings down at once you may end up with citizens spread out trying to build the buildings and none of them mining at the quarry. They seem to have weird pooling priorities.
3: Also, said 1 person housing is definitely nowhere near enough, you need to place a ton of houses (or design your own I guess, but the mega houses with 21 people I made said they had 0 residents? Unsure here)
4: All power plants take electronics. Electronics take power to build. Power plants take ele....
5: Cant get money to research yet, it looks like either, so no patents.
6: Also, nothing appears to get named on various city placement so you got to build an old-style city to name the system.
7: Capitol of course isn't hooked up yet. Expect lots of running around.
8: Homes and stuff on buildings that aren't actually houses/apartments don't appear to house anyone, so keep that in mind while designing (the Generic Industrial building I made has a bit of everything). EDIT: Actually maybe they do? I've got mixed statuses on different buildings - some have no residents, some have a lot.
9: If you make a building with a land plot in the center surrounded by a plot on the outside (like the default mine one) you can lower the center one into the ground to make a ramp of sorts. However, it doesn't remove the water so you get a ramp going down into the water at the moment.
10: CG out of bounds extent. Expect it. Move stuff around in the designer or start over till it goes away.
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