Shores of Hazeron

Shores of Hazeron Launcher

The Shores of Hazeron Launcher performs two important tasks. First, it ensures that your Shores of Hazeron files match the current release of the software. The launcher fixes any file that is altered, damaged or lost. Second, the launcher provides buttons to run the Shores of Hazeron on line game client and mail programs, and the off line primeval world and designer programs.

Download the Shores of Hazeron Launcher that is appropriate to your computer. The download is free.

This forum topic shows the packages needed on Linux to run Shores of Hazeron.

Downloads are currently disabled at this site. Try instead.
New Players

If you are new to Shores of Hazeron, please download the launcher and run the Primeval World. This will give you a limited preview of Shores of Hazeron. More importantly, the primeval world runs some of the most demanding client-side portions of the Shores of Hazeron program. Doing this will show if the program runs on your computer at all.